No Ordinary Story is a 90-minute musical that presents the gospel message through music and drama. Through the story of three people meeting on a train, the gospel message is presented in story and song using a historical narrative, from creation to the cross.


People who know very little about the Bible will enjoy the musical and come away with a clear and objective understanding of the gospel. And those who are familiar with the good news will be refreshed in their understanding and have a renewed thankfulness to God.

The Vision

The musical is envisioned as part of an outreach program of a church or organization. People are invited to watch the performance and learn about the gospel message in an objective, non-arm-twisting way. Then, they are invited to pick up a book or to sign up for a study to learn more.


The gospel story is an dramatization of The Story that Matters. Using a buffet of musical styles and genres, the 17 original songs tell the good news in a fresh, dramatic and exciting way.


Performance Package

When completed, there will be a package with everything needed to perform No Ordinary Story. The musical is designed so that a small group and minimal equipment are needed, but the musical can be scaled up if you have more crew, singers and musicians.


The final package will include the scores (for singers and musicians), actors' script, production manual, backing tracks, rehearsal CDs, PowerPoint slides for the performance, and customizable publicity material that includes posters, invitation cards, bulletin inserts and email mailers.

Audio Drama Album

A second product is the No Ordinary Story audio drama. When completed, it will be available as a CD and downloadable album.


A person can simply give away the audio drama to a friend and he or she can listen to drama and music and get a clear gospel presentation.


This will be especially attractive to those who prefer not to read or to those who enjoy listening to music.

You can Participate

The script, music and songs for No Ordinary Story are completed but there is a lot of recording to be done for the singing and audio drama. You can still participate in its development in various ways:


You can help us pray for this special project. We need to record the soloists and the choir or ensemble in order to produce the rehearsal CD and audio drama. Pray that the Lord will lead us to the right people.


We will also be recording the voice actors soon. Please pray that the recording will go well.


If you are keen to perform the musical, please contact us. We can provide you with the scores and script as well as consultation on how to put up a performance and how to invite the audience to learn more about the gospel message after the performance.


Get in touch with us via the contact form »


If the Lord moves your heart towards this special gospel presentation, you can donate towards the completion of the project. We still need funds for the choral recording, sound engineering and artwork for the musical.



Donate to No Ordinary Story Musical Fund »

Sample Recordings

We have rough recordings of two of the songs from No Ordinary Story. Listen to get an idea of what the music sounds like. Overall, there are 17 songs in a wide variety of styles, from solos to choral pieces.

Blog Updates

Over 1000 attend No Ordinary Story production

Mar 9, 2016

The lights dim, train cars rumble, followed by the sound of a whistle blowing. Then the shout of “All aboard!” calls out and a performance of No Ordinary Story is underway. The auditorium is packed out as 35 choir members find their places on the stage. From the beginning songs, “Train Ride” and “Let Me Tell You What the Bible Says,” to the climax of “Praise the Risen Lord” and “Trust Him,” the audience remains engaged. As the final notes fade away, they break into applause and some are soon on their feet in a standing ovation. Read more »

Altos to the left, sops on the right! Gearing up for Easter performances of No Ordinary Story

Mar 9, 2016

Monday evening. Seven o’clock. The sanctuary of First Baptist Church is a lively place. Almost 40 people are trying to position themselves on four levels of risers on the stage. The choir director is waving her arms at her singers. “Altos to the left, sopranos to the right, and tenors and basses in the middle. No… everyone move over a few feet to the left. The screen needs to be visible behind you. There… that looks right. Can everyone see me? Hmm… Allan can’t see from where he sits at the piano. Let’s adjust a few more things.” Then Allan gives a thumbs up. It looks like everyone is ready to sing. Read more »

Recording the music for No Ordinary Story

Nov 20, 2015

In late October, GoodSeed’s songwriter Allan Ellingsgaard and special project consultant James Janzen, along with our video team, made a trip to Surrey, British Columbia, to record all the instrument tracks for No Ordinary Story. With the invaluable help of a professional recording studio and quality musicians, this goal was achieved over a span of… Read more »

You have to perform this again!

Jun 26, 2015

The lady on the phone said in a firm voice: You need to understand, the musical was incredible. I’ve people I want to bring to this. They need to hear this message. I’ve a list of elderly people who go to church but I know they’re not believers. Even for me, there are a few… Read more »

Can you help us complete No Ordinary Story?

Jun 18, 2015

We’ve been working hard on a musical that shares the message of the gospel. Some of you have heard songs from it. Others are joining us for the first public performance. We invite you to journey with us in prayer and support as we move into our next phase of production. When completed, this 90-minute musical… Read more »

Getting ready for our first public performance

Jun 3, 2015

We are grateful for the partnership of a local church in presenting two performances of No Ordinary Story in the coming weeks. While the choir, soloists and actors are excited to share the gospel message in song and story, we are excited about the possibility of performing the musical in front of the public for the… Read more »


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