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Rethink evangelism and discipleship


When sharing the gospel, many of us quote John 3:16 or pass out gospel tracts. We appeal to the fact that God has a wonderful plan for each person. But recently, our efforts have often been met with blank stares or harsh criticism. Of those who do profess Christ, many fall by the wayside or show no evidence of understanding. Some believers are plagued by a nagging doubt—does the gospel have the power to truly change lives?


TERM is a time to stop and rethink evangelism in the context of our diverse, ever-changing world. The seminar looks into Scripture to see what it has to say about sharing the gospel clearly. In the process, an approach springs to light that Jesus himself used. Learn why The Emmaus Road Message (TERM) has proven so effective—whether we are engaging the confused, the seeker or the hardened.


TERM will enable you to use the chronological approach to evangelism that has benefited so many around the world. See how the power of the historical narrative overcomes obstacles and enhances clarity. Learn simple, everyday methods for communicating the Bible’s life-changing message.









Five dynamic sessions on how to approach evangelism in today’s modern world.

  • What does Humpty Dumpty have to do with changing a person’s deeply-held beliefs?
  • When it comes to evangelism and discipleship, I have concerns. When faced with fear, uncertainty and lack of knowledge, how do I build confidence?
  • What does the Bible say is necessary before people will trust us? Or trust God?
  • What guidance does Scripture give on how to share the gospel with the biblically illiterate? The confused? Those hardened to the Bible?
  • What value does the inherent architecture of the Bible have to do with sharing the gospel? Does it really matter?
  • What practical suggestions can you give me for those “spur-of-the-moment” opportunities to share the gospel?



Cultivating a lifestyle as ambassadors:

  • I don’t want to come across as “preachy.” How can I communicate the gospel in a way that is engaging, accurate and without arm-twisting?
  • We all like stories. But how would this approach help in presenting the gospel?
  • What irreducible minimums of the gospel must I bear in mind when explaining the good news of Jesus Christ?
  • When sharing the gospel, should I focus on faith or understanding? Why?
  • Using a “crawl, walk, run” paradigm, where can I start in presenting the gospel?



  • Moving from “crawl” to a "walk, run” stage, what do I need to have in mind when presenting the gospel?
  • I am not a gifted teacher. How can I teach a course?
  • God has gifted me as a teacher. What do I need to keep in mind to make sure what I teach is transferable
  • What did God consistently use in the Bible that works like "Velcro for the brain"?
  • These sessions are for both the gifted and new teacher. Everyone can be taught to share the gospel.



It is a basic concept of learning that “as you are taught, so you will teach.” In this module, the realities of guiding a course are modeled as you experience the Worldview Rethink curriculum for yourself. This is a time where more is “caught than taught.”




This module highlights how you can effectively guide others through a Bible study course using specialized tools that include visual aids, guidebooks and video.

You will learn strategic ideas from real-life examples for sharing the gospel either as a personal or church-based initiative. The module will address ways you can train others in becoming effective ambassadors for Christ.


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It offers great Bible based theology in short period of time. It starts at the beginning, creation and finishes at the end, eternal life. Doesn’t exclude the Old Testament to introduce the plan of salvation. Doesn’t jump from place to place yet offers or uses the whole Bible. Using visuals – it helps to remember and also helps to clarify and simplify the message. It highlights the most important moments in the story. Thank you very much and God bless you in your ministry. ~ Annie*

It has helped me to understand the Bible more and helped me to understand the sacrifices of the Old Testament more then what I could understand by just reading the Bible. It helped me understand better and better Jesus’ death and Him taking our sins on Him and how He justifies us. It encouraged me more that there is only ONE WAY to heaven. ~ Vincent*

I really enjoyed this because although already a believer, it really connected the Old Testament with the New and really just showing how God had a perfect plan from the beginning. ~ Gerald*

The Emmaus Road Message unites the Biblical stories in the single story of God’s redemptive plan. It gives me a new appreciation for the unity of Scripture, it’s relevance and the way that it’s unity over hundreds of years authenticates the gospel message as God’s plan, not man’s invention. ~ Keith*

This course, the materials and the method have shown me how to deliver the gospel to unbelievers. It provides an excellent set of contrasting pictures to help explain the truth of God, his full character, and how the world can and does distort the gospel. In a very small amount of time I believe that this material will bring people to a position: either trust in God or turn your back. The reward, and consequence, is demonstrated inarguably leaving the choice in the hand of the student. The necessity to exercise our freewill is made perfectly clear. ~ Timothy

As someone who has been sharing the gospel with others for most of my life this is the very best and most potentially blessed, effective “method” I have ever seen. I am eager to begin. The entire seminar, God has been pouring through my heart and mind, names and faces of people with whom He wants me to share his truths. But more importantly, by doing so, they will in turn not only believe in Him, but also share with others. ~ Wendy

It has help me understand justification, and that I am secure in Christ, because salvation is based on His work, and not my efforts. ~ Andrew *

It has put all the pieces together and answered the many questions I had. Thank you very very much! This has truly been life changing! ~ Darian*

It has brought tremendous clarity to my about the continuity of Scripture. It helped me to understand the connection of the Old Testament to the gospel of Christ. I wish I had been taught this years earlier. It would have helped my understanding and some miss-conceptions about scripture. This seminar has completely changed my approach to teaching/evangelizing, preaching and studying of scripture. God has used the training to light a fire in me, an excitement to share His Good News using the TERM method. I have grown in my understanding more in the last 3 days than in the last 5 years. Thank you. Keep up the work. Don’t change a thing. ~ Al*

First of all Thank you, even with the sore muscles from sitting I could not think of a better use of time. This has been a time of refreshing. I told my mom it’s like my head had all this information in it and over the years, like a clothes closet it has gotten to be unorganized and a mess. All the knowledge is still there but needed to be cleaned up and re-organized. I have attended 5 years of Bible school and have worked at the Bible camps for 12+ years and this time has renewed my mind and reminded me of what really counts it is so easy to get swayed and confused and start to wonder… But to hear the truth the real truth of the Gospel is refreshing instead of being bombarded with the relative truth the world jams down our throat and overwhelms our minds. Thank you again. You are a Blessing and great ambassadors of Christ. I am like a computer that has been defragmented and put back to proper working order. ~ Candace*

It has been beneficial to me because I realize that I can teach just through reading this book. It is a way I can teach in my busy schedule without spending hours and hours in preparation. ~ Ben*

By This Name Term seminar, clearly outlines YAHWEH’s plan of salvation through the entire Bible. It was so thorough of everything someone coming from a post-modern worldview needs to know about who God is, and why we should trust Him. The message is deep, yet easy to understand. I feel confident is being used by God to go through this study with some lost sheep in my life, and I can’t wait to get started with them! ~ Janie*

* Names changed as per GoodSeed policy.


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