All that the Prophets have Spoken

As the influence of Islam becomes more widespread, you meet more Muslims. But how do you communicate with them the central message of the Scriptures? Where do you begin? How do you even start?


In their holy book, the Quran, Muslims are told to believe the Torah of Moses, the psalms of David and the gospel of Jesus. If you've ever spoken with them about the Scriptures, they may have told you they "believe all the prophets."

While many Old Testament stories are mentioned in the Quran and both speak of the same prophets, there are significant differences in interpretation and understanding. But how do you bridge those differences to present the message of the Bible in a way they will understand?


All that the Prophets have Spoken takes a look at the Bible without referral to Islam or the Quran. With an awareness of what Muslims believe about key prophets, the book examines what the Scriptures say about these men and connects them with the core message of the Bible. Keeping in mind the Islamic perspective, it builds on this understanding and addresses questions Muslims might have so by the end, they will have a clear understanding of the God of the Bible.

Appropriate for these audiences:

Written for adults and teens, but understood by children as young as 10.

Explains the Bible’s message in way that people from a Islamic cultural background (but not necessarily Muslim by conviction) can understand without mixing the Islamic and biblical worldview.

This is an ideal resource for a home Bible study.

Designed to give away:

The books, audio books and video book can be passed on like a gospel tract. People can then learn the Bible's message on their own.

Designed to use in a course:

The book is the student's coursebook in a Worldview Rethink course.


Chronological: Begins with the creation of the universe and then, progressing sequentially through key Old Testament stories, it moves into the New Testament to reveal the meaning of the cross and the tomb. The main story of the Bible is tied together into one universal, all-encompassing drama. Follows the same storyline as The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus but is 25% different. The difference is significant.

Based on the gospel of John: Uses the gospel of John as a template; at the same time, provides necessary background stories to give the gospel context. It assumes the reader knows very little, if anything, about the Bible.

Sets apart the God of the Bible: Answers the question, “What makes your sacred book better than mine?” All that the Prophets have Spoken addresses what makes the God of the Bible unique from all other gods or spirits.

Peels religious tradition off the Bible: Introduces readers are introduced to the Bible without the trappings of religion.

Objective: Allows the Bible is allowed to speak for itself in presenting the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no arm-twisting to believe. The message is presented objectively; the decision to believe or not to believe is left to the reader.

Bible verses: Told as a story, weaving 1244 Bible verses throughout the narrative. The reader engages with the text of the Bible for himself.

Illustrated: Uses over 100 drawings, maps and diagrams to help explain the story.



All that the Prophets have Spoken




279 pages. This updated edition includes video icons in the margins of the text indicating when there is an accompanying video to watch. Videos can be watched on any internet-connected device or an optional DVD can be purchased

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All that the Prophets have Spoken -- WorkBook



64 pages.

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All that the Prophets have Spoken -- Interactive DVD



Optional DVD - supplement to the book

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All that the Prophets have Spoken -- Leader's Guide



336 pages

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جميع ما تكلَّم به الأنبياء



258 pages

নবীদের বলা কথাগুলো



336 pages


Simplified Chinese


300 pages

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N. America

آنچه انبیا گفته اند

Farsi - Persian


272 pages

Tout ce qu’ont dit les prophètes



288 pages

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Tudo o que os Profetas Falaram



288 pages

Tudo o que os Profetas Falaram — Livro de Exercícios

Portuguese WorkBook


64 pages

Peygamberleri̇n Bütün Söyledikleri



276 pages

Peygamberleri̇n Bütün Söyledikleri -- Alıştırma Kitabı

Turkish WorkBook


96 pages


Very helpful

This book is a must read. I found it to be exceptionally helpful, and fascinating for myself as well. I have recommended it to many.

by R. Calandro on Aug 11, 2013




Very good summary about the biblical message from the gospel's view, especially for Muslims and those who are loving Muslims and are in discussion with them.

by A. Winkler on May 4, 2013



Outreach tool for Muslims

Similar to The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus, this book explains the message of the Bible to people with Islamic backgrounds by using stories from the Old Testament that Muslims are familiar with. It's an excellent evangelistic tool for reaching Muslims who like to read.

by J. Bauernschmidt on Jul 5, 2011



A must-read

This book is a must for all Muslims who want to understand the unalterable central message of 'all that the prophets have spoken.'

by D&K Press, 2009



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