1. Choose a Setting


The Worldview Rethink course can be conducted in a variety of settings. Total teaching time is about 15-16 hours and you can decide how many sessions to have and the frequency of the sessions. It’s flexible.


There are two main ways to use the curriculum:


A. Personally Conduct a Course


On a personal level, you can conduct The course at home, in a coffee shop, in a breakroom, etc. This works well one-on-one or with a couple or a small group. You just need a table with enough space for the visual aids and DVD player (or a laptop) if you’re playing the Interactive DVD. This setting works well for friends, neighbours, the small group from church or your colleagues from work.


School: The course is perfectly suited for use in a home school or Christian school environment. With the leader’s guide for the teacher and course book and workbook for the student, parents and teachers can ground their children in the fundamentals of the gospel in a clear and understandable manner. The curriculum can be scheduled in with the other subjects.


B. Conduct a Church-Wide Program


Discipleship: Grounding a Congregation


The course is a good way to ground the regular congregation in the fundamentals of the gospel message. Running a series of small group studies can help all in the congregation solidify their understanding of the Bible’s core message. Then the church can start to invite newcomers walking in through the doors to attend The course as well so all will get a chance to hear the gospel clearly.


Evangelism: Reaching Out in the Community


After that, it’s a natural step to run the course as part of an evangelism outreach program. Sometimes the church isn’t the best place to conduct the course.


There are people in the community who would never step into the door of the church. Therefore, it’s a good idea to go out into the community. A neutral location can be a meeting room at the local club or library, a nursing home, a coffee shop or a school that is willing to let you have a room to run a course.


Decide how you will break the 16 hours, e.g., eight sessions of two hours each and make sure you can secure the room for that number of weeks. Then ensure there is table space for everyone, especially for the leaders and the visual aids. If you’re going to use the Interactive DVD, then a laptop, projector and screen are very handy to have.


coffee shop



a meeting room

local club


nursing home

coffee shop



2. Get Prepared


It’s easy to start. First, get acquainted with the curriculum. Read through the course book, watch the video clips on the Interactive DVD and answer the questions in the workbook. In other words, get familiar with the content.


Then go through the Leader’s Guide and the HOW? DVD. These two resources will thoroughly prepare you to lead someone through The Course. It’s also good to get familiar with the teaching aids on the Resource CD.


You may want to practise reading aloud the course book and going through the use of the visual aids from the Resource CD. If you have any of the toolboxes, practise using them as well so you are comfortable with each visual aid.


If you plan to team teach, practise with your partner. The Leader’s Guide marks out team teaching portions so decide who teaches which sections.


Then, wait for the Lord to lead you to the person who is interested to learn about the Bible’s core message. Preparing yourself helps you be ready to start a course at a moment’s notice. All you need to start is one willing person.



3. Make the Invitation


When you sense the opportunity, you can say something simple like,


“If you wish, I would be willing to take you through a study of the Bible. It’s a course that will give a good picture of what the Bible has to say and will help you understand its core message. What you believe is entirely up to you but if you let me have 15 hours, I can guide you through it so you will understand the core message of the Bible.”


If you publicizing the course, you can take advantage of this publicity website that explains the course:

pray for your

participants and wait for the Lord



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