The simplest way to use a GoodSeed tool is to give it away so that your friend or acquaintance can read the gospel message for himself.


But what if your friend comes to you and says, "I'm not much of a self-learner. Would you be willing to teach me?"


Or what if you had a family walk through the doors of your church and told you they were interested in finding out about the Bible?


Or perhaps you have two co-workers who turned to you at lunch one day and said, "If we asked you what the Bible is all about, would you be able to explain it to us?"


These are opportunities to lead someone through a course that explains the main message of the Bible.


GoodSeed has developed curriculum and visual aids to help believers explain the good news in a clear, objective way that lets Scripture speak for itself. It's called Worldview Rethink.


We designed the curriculum to be easy to use. If you can read, you can lead. It comes with a leader’s guide with detailed instructions, many visual aids and a DVD that you play for the student as you teach. We use a lot of visual aids because people really remember them well. It’s what we like to call “Velcro on the brain.”


Here are a few ways to use Worldview Rethink.



If you have a small group of youth or a new group of believers, leading them through a Worldview Rethink course is an excellent way of grounding them in the basics of the Bible's main message. The group can be of any size so but a smaller group provides better opportunity for participants to ask questions.


You can guide a friend, neighbour or family member one on one. With you using the leader's guide and with your friend following along with a course book and workbook, it's easy to conduct the course.


One couple leading another couple in the comfort of the living room is another good way of conducting a course. With the coffee table used to display the visual aids, this intimate setting helps to keep everyone relaxed and tracking with the course.


When a group of people show up at your church for the first time, how do you explain what church is all about? We have found that inviting newcomers to join in a Worldview Rethink study helps to give these new people a good grasp of the gospel message and helps to explain the Bible with clarity and simplicity.


Sometimes friends at work express an interest in the Bible. What should you do? The easiest thing is to offer to do a lunchtime study with them. In just 15 hours or so, your co-workers can come to a good understanding of the Bible's central message and they will appreciate the objective, non-arm-twisting way in which  the course is conducted.


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