John & Janice Cross

Born and raised in Western Canada, John grew up in a home where the Bible was part of daily conversation. As a young man he dedicated his life to the Lord and sought training with New Tribes Mission. While in mission’s training in Ontario, he met his wife, Janice, who was also from a solid Christian background.


Together they prepared themselves for working overseas. Upon completing four years of training, John taught Bible-Missions in the NTM Candidate School. Subsequently they were instrumental in starting the NTM short-term program and over the next 20 years saw 5000 short-termers serve overseas. In 1996 John took the years of experience gained in NTM and wrote a book for those who know little or nothing about the Bible. Called “The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus” this book and its derivatives snowballed into a ministry of its own.


John and Janice have travelled extensively and lived abroad in several countries, including ten years in Papua New Guinea. John has written and directed a number of award-winning videos, the best known being “EE-TAOW!” They have two adult children and three grandchildren. John is a Bible teacher and an author for GoodSeed. Janice works in proofreading and hospitality.



Troy & Naomi Johnstone

Troy was raised in a Christian home in the small town of Sackville, New Brunswick. He understood his need for salvation at a young age and grew up involved in his home church of Main Street Baptist Church. After completing university and several years in the secular work environment, Troy sought out biblical training at Word of Life Bible Institute in New York.


Naomi grew up as a missionary kid. She also trusted Jesus as her Saviour and desired to walk with Him from a young age. Her parents worked with NTM and much of her youth was spent in Papua New Guinea, so Naomi desired to enter full-time ministry from a young age. After high school, Naomi also attended Word of Life Bible Institute, where she and Troy met.


Right after their honeymoon, the Johnstones jumped into full-time ministry, helping Word of Life start up a Bible Institute satellite in Ontario. After five years there, they began to see that the Lord was guiding them to make a ministry change where their God-given talents and skills could most effectively be used in ministry with GoodSeed.


When it comes to missionary work, the Johnstones have realized the need to be flexible and help out in many areas beyond their assigned roles. Troy's formal responsibilities currently include video production, IT help, teaching at seminars, sitting on numerous committees and on the Boards for GoodSeed UK & Europe. Naomi is the Hospitality and Social Coordinator for our Canadian ministry, Proofreading Coordinator and a writer, when she's not busy being mom to their two daughters and son.



Alain Parent & Brigitte Bisson

Alain was born in Gatineau, Quebec and was raised in a Christian family. His convictions became firmer when he met his future wife at the age of 26. He is still amazed and forever grateful to have been so blessed by God in that, although he was being disobedient by dating a non-Christian, God’s grace overflowed towards him. God saved Brigitte, reaffirmed Alain’s faith and gave him a family of his own. Alain’s prayer is that God might save his son also and that He might help him every day to be the man of God, husband and father He wants him to be.

Brigitte was also born and raised in Gatineau, Quebec. She had a happy childhood. While a teenager, she started questioning herself about spiritual things. Brigitte met her future husband through her sister who was Alain’s colleague at work. The Lord really spoke to Brigitte’s heart through the life testimony of Alain and his family. God gave her a gift… the gift of salvation. She put her trust in Jesus Christ because she realized that she was a sinner and needed a Saviour. God had provided a way for her to be saved. He adopted her and now she belongs to God’s family. Her prayer is that God would make her the godly woman, wife and mother He wants her to be.

Brigitte first learned about GoodSeed through The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus and The Lamb books. A few years later, Gaetan and Ivy Pilon mentioned their need for administrative help and God allowed Brigitte to be free to help them at BonneSemence Canada (the French office of GoodSeed).

Job Description:

Brigitte’s responsibilities include maintaining the French presence of GoodSeed online (webstore, website, blog, facebook) and taking care of administrative tasks. Alain contributes in various areas, such as IT support, the posting of blog articles and the sending out of eNewsletters. He is a good support for Brigitte in this ministry; together they form a great team! Alain and Brigitte are grateful to God for the opportunity of working with GoodSeed and participating in this wonderful ministry for the Lord Jesus Christ.



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