The Lamb

How do we explain the gospel to children in a way they can understand? How do we explain their need for a Saviour without watering down the details? How can we hold their attention long enough to explain what the Bible is all about? How can we be accurate yet sensitive to the fact that they need simpler explanations?


The Lamb is written for children five to ten years of age. Engaging children with full-colour illustrations, this picture book takes children on a journey through the heart of the Bible’s message. Starting with the creation of the universe, it explains key biblical concepts: Who is God? What is God like? What is sin? Where did evil come from? Why do we need a Saviour? The book concludes with a clear explanation of the identity of Jesus and his amazing provision as our Saviour.


A clear link is made between Jesus and the Old Testament sacrificial lamb. Issues like death are dealt with in an honest, straightforward manner. The graphic details surrounding the story of salvation are handled sensitively but not watered down. At the end, children will have an explanation of who God is and what he did for mankind on the cross. It is a message of hope every child should hear.



Appropriate for these audiences: Enjoyed by all ages, but written for children ages five and up.

Assumptions: Assumes children have no prior knowledge of the Bible.

Designed to give away: This hardcover book is a beautiful and elegant gift, either for a child or family with children.

Designed for devotions: Can be read for family devotions or Bible story time. Can also be used in Sunday school or a home school environment.

Fully illustrated: Fifty colour paintings by gifted artist, Ian Mastin, bring the gospel story to life. (See ianmastin.com)

Chronological: Begins with the creation of the universe, then progressing sequentially through key Old Testament stories, it moves into the New Testament to reveal the meaning of the cross and tomb. The main story of the Bible is tied together into one universal, all-encompassing drama.

Lays a foundation: The creation-to-the-cross approach helps put the entire Bible in context. Helps children understand the overall message of the Bible without confusion.

Accurate presentation of the gospel: Complex issues such as death, sin, evil and God’s provision are sensitively presented in way that children can understand.

Peels religious tradition off the Bible: Readers are introduced to the Bible without the trappings of religion.

Built-in review: Each chapter begins with a review and ends with questions, all designed to ensure children will clearly understand the message.

Appreciated by adults: For those who have shorter attention spans or difficulty learning new concepts, The Lamb's illustrated approach helps them learn clearly the Bible's message.


The Lamb Audiobook



40 minutes.

Narrated by the author and Heather Holdsworth.

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The Lamb DVD - Just the Story



40 minutes.

Tells the story of The Lamb using the pictures and narrated by the author and Heather Holdsworth.

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The Lamb Powerpoint



For Windows and Mac.

Uses the pictures and text from The Lamb to tell the gospel story.

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羔羊 (Vereinfachtes) Chinesisch


Simplified Chinese


Hardcover and Mandarin Audio CD


Mandarin Chinese


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L'Agneau - Französisch




184 Pages

Hardcover and Audio CD

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Das Lamm - Gebundene ausgabe mit audio CD

Das Lamm



Hardcover and Audio CD

Das Lamm




Das Lamm








D'Lämmchen - Luxemburgisch




Hardcover and Audio CD

O Cordeiro - Portugiesisch

O Cordeiro



Hardcover and Audio CD




also as: Агнец












A must need for every home and church library!

A friend recommended the book for younger children. I used it in my first grade Sunday school class. I had one little girl who often didn’t get the SS lesson/message or details when we reviewed. I don’t know if it was the beautiful illustrations that captured her attention but when it came to asking the questions she answered everyone of them correctly. When we concluded the book, I gave each child a copy of the CD. They were thrilled. That same girl insisted that her mother sit down with her to listen that very day. I am confident that two of the students understood the Gospel completely. Now we just have to wait on the Holy Spirit for the conviction. We also used the video during our VBS. Thank you for such a well thought book and easy to understand. I will definitely be using the book again.

by Donna Mclain on July 14, 2011



Excellent for kids

I have been going through the book with our two sons 5 & 3…. Now our first son is almost 6 and so close to understanding the main point of Jesus….. we are so thrilled with this book and recommend it to all of our friends!

by tim_shontere on June 5, 2009



Here is an effective tool for young children to grasp theological truths!

Thank you for creating this book. I am using it to teach 40 kids (K-2nd Grade) at AWANA. The illustrations really capture their attention. And the content is systematically presented so that churched and unchurched groups in my kids are all learning new things. I taught chp. 4 tonight and some kids were trying to talk ahead of the lesson because they are familiar with the story of Adam and Eve. But the clear presentation of the consequences of sins (physical death, separation from God, eternal punishment in the Lake of Fire) really seemed to make an impression on them. Everyone became quiet and sober. I think these truths are difficult to teach to young children, but The Lamb does it well. I highly recommend The Lamb.

by efo284 on February 6, 2009



That really communicates to kids!

I have been reading “The Lamb” with my children at night for the past week and they absolutely LOVE it! They love the lifelike pictures, especially the grandpa rescuing the kid out of the river. That really communicates to kids! I just want to commend you for working on those resources.

by step on October 31, 2008



Can I give it 10 out of 5 stars?

This is the clearest gospel teaching book I have seen for kids. Ever. Its tone (both in graphics and text) is serious but beautiful and simple to understand. I have been buying books for my church library and I have yet to find one that is as clear on the gospel without being really drawn out (The Lamb has ten short chapters). It has cleared up adults’ understanding of the gospel as they understand with clarity the old testament lamb sacrifice and how that was foreshadowing Christ: our lamb.

Ultimately, our focus should be the greatness of the message of the gospel. But this book is an excellent for getting that message across—I am so happy to have been introduced to it.

by eiluj03 on August 17, 2008



The gospel in simple language without leaving out key truths

This book draws out the truths of the scriptures in a simple story format while avoiding difficult language or clichés that can confuse a child’s understanding of salvation. I bought this book to read in Sunday school as well as to my 4 year old and 8 year old daughters at home.

The full color illustrations are vibrant and hold their attention. The story is a slow progression with excellent questions at the end of each chapter to ensure comprehension. The story clearly shows who God is in His Holy character and perfect nature. The fall of mankind is made evident resulting in man’s just deserved punishment of Hell. This book doesn’t shelter children from the truths of scripture like the shedding of the innocent lamb’s blood in sinful man’s place, but makes these truths evident in a respectful and Christ-honoring manner. It is essential that even children understand that “without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins.” Sin requires death and that innocent lamb died in the place of the guilty sinner.

I have found that this book is a springboard for conversations with my girls about God’s character and nature during normal daily activities (i.e., dinner, a car ride, shopping, etc.). Our world is so filled with entertainment that Christ is almost squeezed out of our mindset. We also have the lamb DVD that we watch as a family and it entertains us all while teaching us timeless truths. I highly recommend this book for your children or as a gift. I can envision the very real possibility of an unsaved adult being saved while reading this book to their children or grand-children (that is my prayer for my own mother).

by gracefaithway on June 27, 2008



Lays a clear biblical foundation for children and adults

I love reading this book to my young children. It's beautiful pictures and questions are geared to give children understanding of who God is, who we are, the dillemma of sin, and the course of which God took in order to save us from sin. It builds line upon line and precept upon precept and cements them in the readers minds. I also use it with adults who are young christians and they have commented how it has helped them understand salvation better.

I highly recommend this book!

by Sue on July 5, 2011



Leading Children To Christ

This book is beautifully illustrated, very well written and doctrinally sound. It draws together the most important elements of God's salvation plan; the fall of Satan, the sin of Adam and Eve, the Law, the need for a sacrificial Lamb, heaven, our sinful condition and separation from God, plus so much more, in a way children can understand. Through reading The Lamb with my granddaughter, she realized her own sinful condition, understood God's amazing love and His gift of salvation. She gave her heart to Jesus before we reached the end of the book. We are now using the book for a 5-week Backyard Bible Club. The children are captivated. We pray God will use this book to draw other children to Him.

by Anonymous on July 13, 2010



Great Investment

this is a fantastic book! The pictures are just wonderful and it goes through the Bible presenting Jesus as the perfect Lamb. We have used this book with our own children as well as in Children's church. At the end of each chapter there are questions reinforcing the truths taught. Highly recommend!

by John and Julie on March 27, 2009



High Quality material with the HIGHEST message on the sweetest, simplest level

This book is so beautifully written, as well as illustrated. I've not had a chance to listen to the CD yet, and I don't think the CD was even mentioned that it's included with the book on Amazon. Before I knew what I was getting, I thought $25 was high for a book I've only heard of, but now that I have it, I think it's a fair price.

It's large, colorful, simple, and tells the gospel ("From Creation to the Cross") in such a elegant and friendly way. I love that it's chronological. One half of each spread is the text, and the other half of each spread is the gorgeous full page, color artwork that compliments the text. Each chapter ends with thought provoking questions to review the message is understood. I'll buy this for gifts throughout the year for both adults and children.

I'd say it's a beautiful witnessing tool, very touching with it's truths it makes clear to the curious non believer and appreciated by the lifelong Christian.

I think it was written specifically on a level for elementary age children. Yet, I love the simplicity. Enjoy it also!

by Dawn Jacobs on January 20,  2007



The gospel message spelled out perfectly!

This book is fantastic! It spells out the gospel message in a way that is very clear yet age appropriate for small children. I love how it doesn't skate around the topics that can be difficult for children to understand and parents to convey to them. Things like death and our sins deserving death are explained in a very powerful way that was enough to move even me. I highly recommend this book, it is worth every penny.

This books message is timeless and spans beyond the color of ones skin. The art work is beautiful and very well done. My kids have been completely captivated by this book and I look forward to reading it again with my son and other daughter when they are old enough.

by Kristin on December 28, 2010



Came just in time for my nephew

This book is such a good foundation to build not just for children but I believe for new believing adults! We have become such a visual generation the pictures in the book help so much in understanding the gospel! And the line upon line way of teaching helps people of all ages really grasps the beauty of the good news of Jesus Christ. I am praying the Lord be magnified through this book and lay a foundation of truth for our generation and generations to come!

by Sue Fulton on September 13, 2013

An amazing way to teach kids!

Our church has used the Lamb story for our Awana program for the last few years. Each year our children have responded well to this story. It amazes me at how The Lamb has been able to really tell the gospel story in a way that attracts children of all ages! The first year we did it, we saw 10 children come to know the Lord as their personal savior. It was as if they really understood just what our amazing father has done for them! I look forward to this year, and seeing what the Lord will do yet again with this amazing DVD! Thank you GoodSeed for giving us a great teaching tool!!

Abby Y.

New Hope Bible Church

Spokane, Washington

by Abby Y. on March 26, 2011



Definitely 5 stars!

We used “The Lamb” for our Summer Sunday School Program last year at Metro East Baptist Church here in Wichita. We combined our children’s Sunday School classes and taught the 10 week series in one big room using the power point. It was fantastic!! Not only did it keep the children’s attention (all ages) but it taught them the story of the gospel in a clear and concise manner. This idea gave the regular teachers time off during the summer and gave us the tools we needed to do something special and totally different with the children for the summer. We appreciate how “The Lamb” is laid out so easily, complete with questions at the end of each chapter.

by Gracia Burnham on January 29 2009







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