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Just as Jesus used parables to illustrate and bring to life his teachings, so God frequently used visual aids in the Old Testament to better illuminate our understanding of many spiritual truths.


That is certainly true of the Hebrew Tabernacle—an amazing picture of God’s plan of redemption for mankind.


We have two resources and a set of lessons that help explain the purpose and meaning of the Tabernacle.

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The Tabernacle Model Kit


The Tabernacle Model Kit is a 1:90 scale representation of the Tabernacle. Consisting of 328 pieces, the completed assembly can be painted to provide a realistic visual model. Assembling the model together as part of the lesson is an ideal activity for families and students in schools, homeschools and camps. Learn more »

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The Menorah

The menorah was one of the pieces of furniture in the Tabernacle. Though its shape is known, the Bible does not give the size of the menorah. However, a depiction of the menorah (and thus its size) can be seen on the Arch of Titus. This arch was built to commemorate the Roman General Titus's conquest of Jerusalem and the plunder of the Temple and its artifacts. The menorah in this set was designed based on a careful study of that monument. This replica is made from metal castings and completed with an electroplated gold finish. Learn more »

The Ark of the Covenant


This replica of the ark of the Covenant is a 1:10 scale model, electroplated in gold, and includes a number of items inside.  Learn more »

The Tabernacle Furniture Set


SOLD OUT The Tabernacle Furniture Set, at 1:10 scale, provides a closer examination of the key pieces of the Tabernacle. Each furniture piece is made from metal castings and completed with an electroplated gold finish. Learn more »

The Tabernacle Model Kit Painting Guide


To bring the model to life, we have an  illustrated step-by-step guide to painting the Tabernacle Model. The construction and painting of the model can be done as part of lessons on the Tabernacle.

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Free Lessons:

The Hebrew Tabernacle: A Model of Messiah


We have an 11-lesson curriculum that provides a succinct but meaningful study of the Tabernacle. They go into detail on many of the physical aspects of the Tabernacle and the spiritual significance of the Tent of Meeting and its pieces of furniture. These lessons are appropriate for personal, group, classroom, homeschool and camp use.


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